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Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Responds to Accusations of Deceit

"Charles Hoskinson, Cardano Creator, Addresses Allegations of Dishonesty

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has found himself in the midst of controversy as past statements regarding Hydra’s throughput capabilities resurface.

The crypto community has been critical of Hoskinson’s claims that Hydra could achieve over 1 million transactions per second (TPS). Accusations of dishonesty and misleading information have put Hoskinson in the hot seat.

In response to the mounting criticism, the Cardano founder has broken his silence, asserting that all his statements are backed by credible sources.

Charles Hoskinson took to Twitter on October 5 to address the allegations and provide clarity on the much-debated topic of Hydra’s throughput.

Hoskinson didn’t shy away from the confrontation and presented a dossier of official source material dating back to 2020 to support his previous statements.

He explained that the TPS figure he mentioned was more of a hypothesis based on the assumption that every Stake Pool Operator (SPO) on the Cardano network would simultaneously run an independent Hydra head.

This hypothetical scenario would enable the network to achieve a peak throughput of 1 million TPS, with each head capable of reaching speeds of 1000 TPS.

Backing up his claims, Hoskinson shared TPS charts from Cardano engineers, which simulated the throughput of Hydra Heads operating at approximately 1000 TPS.

To strengthen his position, he referred to various research papers and respected journals, emphasizing that everything he had stated was supported by credible source material, including blog posts, simulations, and papers authored by experts.


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