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Due to mental illness, Hashed CEO was unable to testify at the LUNA panel

Hased CEO Simon Seojoon

The CEO of a South Korean virtual asset startup, Hashed, Simon Seojoon Kim, has declined to appear before the Tera-LUNA panel of inquiry, alleging mental illness, anxiety, and panic attacks.

According to Korean media, the CEO testified as part of the National Assembly Political Affairs Committee’s probe into the Tera-LUNA collapse.

Kim informed the committee that he would be unable to appear because his health had deteriorated as a result of the Terra-LUNA collapse, and he need stabilization from the incident’s stress.

According to a letter obtained by the local media, Hashed CEO said,

“I have been suffering from Aniety illness and panic disorders owing to significant mental stress since the Terra-Luna crash. i have been undergoing psychiatric therapy from another hospital since July 29, and the stressful situation has increased substantially.”

It is worth noting that Kim’s virtual asset company purchased 30 million LUNA tokens and lost over $3.5 billion in principal and earnings due to the crash.

Shin Hyun-Seong, the general manager of Tchaiholdco; Lee Jung-hoon, a former chairman of Bithumb Korea; Kang Jong-hyun, a prominent Bithumb stakeholder; and Lee Seok-woo, CEO of Dunamu, were also called to testify.

Daniel Shin, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, told the South Korean National Assembly earlier this month that he does not wish to testify before the MPs.

Shin stated in a letter that his attendance at the parliamentary audit would jeopardize the ongoing investigation by local prosecutors in Terra-LUNA.


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