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Encircled: Building A One-Stop Shop For The Crypto Community To Launch Projects, Connect, And Learn

Encircled: Building A One-Stop Shop For The Crypto Community To Launch Projects, Connect, And Learn

The introduction of blockchain technology has prepared the path for the growth of various businesses. All of these businesses are working hard to provide innovative technologies to people all across the world. Encircled is one of these projects aiming to make an impact in the cryptocurrency market.

Here’s all you need to know about Encircled, a blockchain platform designed to address issues individuals encounter in the crypto world.

What is Encircled?

Encircled is a blockchain platform that promises to solve difficulties that crypto entrepreneurs and investors face, such as security risks, raising funding, launching new ventures, and building trust among entrepreneurs, investors, and other partners.

Encircled intends to address these challenges by providing a secure, one-stop shop for starting new projects and interfacing with the crypto ecosystem, which includes investors, developers, and project creators.

The Encircled platform will allow users to learn, brainstorm new ideas, find team members, build teams, and connect with investors. In addition, the platform will enable venture capital and private investors to identify and engage with innovators in their early phases.

How Does Encircled Work?

Founded by an experienced team and a group of external advisors, Encircled aims to make it impossible for scammers to prey on entrepreneurs and investors by creating an environment where they can easily connect.

The company provides three main products (Encircled Connect, Encircled Launch, and Encircled Learn), all of which are tailored to the crypto community.

1. Encircled Launch

It provides various services, including launch services, verification of new project teams and projects, launch levels, and specialized standard practices. The team promises tight restrictions so that all projects are vetted before they are launched, with the mission that every initiative they launch succeeds.

2. Encircled Connect

This service is the perfect recipe for a social networking platform with a mixture of Facebook and LinkedIn, along with the top features of Telegram, Discord, and Microsoft Teams, through which the entire Encircled community can freely connect and expand their network.

3. Encircled Learn

The Encircled Learn platform provides educators with research tools, resources, and knowledge that help instruct investors and developers on every facet of the crypto ecosystem and help them meet their goals.

In addition to the three main services, investors and founders will have access to other services like project vetting for outside projects, marketing services for projects launching on the Encircled platform, apparel to foster community, investment pools, and staking protocols to encourage the holding of the platform’s native token, $ENCIRCLED, and to provide opportunities for profit-sharing and passive income.

Why Encircled?

Even though many of these services are already available, Encircled stands out since it developed and integrated them specifically for the cryptocurrency community and offered a complete ecosystem to meet their needs.

In addition, the Encircled project is based on profit-sharing, which offers $ENCIRCLED token owners the possibility of earning a passive income. The company’s subscription fees and one-time charges for stand-alone services generate huge revenue.

Most importantly, an 8% fee will be applied to each buy or sell transaction of the $ENCIRCLED token on the decentralized exchange (DEX). After that, these fees will be converted to Binance stablecoin (BUSD) and automatically distributed back to all $ENCIRCLED token holders.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, the platform has the following additional benefits:

  • A social networking site designed particularly for crypto enthusiasts.
  • Project owners, advisors, and investors are evaluated.
  • Projects are pre-screened before they are launched.
  • Trustworthy investment project information.
  • Liquidity for new IDOs
  • Educators, research tools, resources, and information on the crypto space
  • A location for founders’ presentations, where investors can watch and post questions on a public board, saving time and minimizing duplication.
  • Facilitating 1:1 relationships and communication among investors
  • A world-class platform for the community to engage, connect, develop new initiatives, and invest.
  • World-class assistance to help find better possibilities to construct your projects and invest in others.

More info on Encircled here:

Website | Discord | Twitter | Telegram

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