EOS Network has launched a 250 million EOS staking rewards program today, July 8th, as part of the network’s updated tokenomics plan.

There is a daily distribution of 85.6 thousand EOS to Stakers in accordance with the new staking rewards schedule. The newly redesigned EOS staking program offers an initial annual percentage yield (APY) of more than sixty percent to early stakers who participate in the program. The number of EOS tokens that are awarded to Stakers each year exceeds 31 million.

There have been more noteworthy improvements made to the EOS Staking Rewards Program. There has been an increase in the lock up period for staking from four days to twenty-one days.

In addition to the money they receive from block rewards, the team said that EOS Block Producers (BPs) will start earning fees created by the network. According to the team, this will further incentivize infrastructure providers as the demand for the network grows.

As per the company, the modernized EOS staking program is intended to give members with long-term benefits and to encourage the expansion of the ecosystem simultaneously. Visit the website stake.eosnetwork.com in order to take part in the 250M Staking program.