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Ethereum Whale With 535% Profit Wakes Up After 3 Years and Opens Trades on Ethereum

The Ethereum whale managed to amass an impressive profit from Ethereum (ETH)

The crypto world is buzzing with news of a whale known by the address “0x88e” making a return after a prolonged 3 years of sleep

During this time, the 0x88e whale managed to amass an impressive profit from Ethereum (ETH), estimated at around $15.56 million, marking a gain of 535%.

This story unfolds with the whale initially accumulating 11,904 Ether from the Bitfinex exchange through an older address on June 23, 2020.

The average price for this acquisition was around $243.1 per ETH, amounting to a total of $2.894 million. Following this acquisition, the whale decided to disappear for nearly three years.

Then, in 2022, the crypto whale finally appeared again, choosing to transfer the amassed tokens to the current address, “0x88e.” Despite this movement, no trading activity took place during that period, and the whale once again went quiet for one more year.

Recently, after being inactive for 3 years, the whale returned by initiating deposits of 4,500 Ethereum on the Binance exchange. These transactions were made at an average price of $1,542 per ETH, totaling around $6.94 million.

As of now, the whale holds 7,404 ETH, which, at the current Ethereum price of $1,547, is worth around $11.5 million. The estimated unrealized profit generated from these assets has been recorded at $9.69 million.


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