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Euler Hacker Sends Crypto through Mixer

The Euler Labs hacker transferred 1,000 Ether

The recent attack on Euler Finance, which resulted in the loss of $196 million, has sent shockwaves throughout the crypto community.

As investigators try to uncover the identity of the hacker responsible, new developments have emerged. The hacker has now moved some of the stolen funds through a popular crypto mixer, Tornado Cash.

PeckShield, a blockchain analytics firm, tweeted on March 16 that the exploiter behind the flash loan attack was “on the move.”

The hacker transferred 1,000 Ether, worth approximately $1.65 million, through the Tornado Cash mixer. This move comes just hours after Euler Labs announced a $1 million bounty for information leading to the hacker’s arrest and the return of all funds.

Euler Labs had earlier warned the hacker that if 90% of the stolen funds were not returned within 24 hours, they would launch a bounty that could lead to their arrest. However, the movement of funds to the crypto mixer suggests that the hacker is not swayed by the amnesty offer.

Interestingly, PeckShield noted that around 100 ETH, worth $165,202 at the time of writing, was sent to a wallet address likely owned by one of the victims. An on-chain message sent by the wallet address had earlier pleaded for the return of their “life savings.”

As the investigation into the attack continues, the use of crypto mixers is sure to come under scrutiny. While these services are designed to protect the privacy of users, they can also be used by hackers to launder stolen funds. The case of Euler Finance highlights the need for increased security measures in the crypto space to prevent similar attacks in the future.


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