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French lawmaker denies being paid to promote controversial African crypto project in parliament

French MP Hubert Julien-Laferrière

French MP Hubert Julien-Laferrière has denied allegations that he was paid to promote a “suspicious” African crypto project, limocoin swap (LMCSWAP), in the National Assembly.

According to Le Monde and MediaPart’s investigations, the MP made “off-topic” remarks about LMCSWAP at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly in 2022.

LMCSWAP is built on the Binance-run BNB Chain and has been associated with a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Cameroonian businessman, Emile Parfait Simb.

Allegations have been made that the MP was paid to speak about LMCSWAP by the lobbyist, Jean-Pierre Duthion. Julien-Laferrière denies these allegations, and claimed his comments about cryptocurrencies were a “manifest error of judgment.”

Parfait Simb is reported to have left Cameroon and set up a pro-Russian group in the Central African Republic. The value of LMCSWAP has fallen to $0.002 from highs of almost $9. A petition to remove the coin from major platforms has already garnered some 8,000 signatures.


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