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FTX warns customers of fraudulent activity

FTX has left its customers vulnerable to scams

The collapse of crypto exchange FTX has left its customers vulnerable to scams and frauds by third-party criminals.

The company has acknowledged this and issued an alert to its customers about recent attempts to swindle them.

In particular, FTX has warned customers not to pay fees or provide account passwords as part of any return of customer assets.

The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation has also warned that scammers are taking advantage of the situation to “re-victimize” those already harmed.

Furthermore, a deep fake video has been released featuring FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried claiming to double customer crypto compensation.

The states of California, Texas, and New Jersey have also joined calls for an independent examination of FTX financial statements, and Bankman-Fried is in talks with federal prosecutors to resolve a dispute over his bail conditions.

It is clear that FTX customers must remain vigilant and double check the legitimacy of any messages they receive regarding the return of their assets.


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