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Hackers Steal $8M in Assets from Bitkeep Wallets in Latest DeFi Attack

BitKeep hacked

Some users of the multichain crypto wallet BitKeep have had their funds drained and transferred without their knowledge or consent, according to reports on December 26.

The BitKeep team confirmed that APK package downloads had been hijacked by attackers and installed with code that was implanted by hackers.

The team advised users to transfer their funds to wallets from official sources, like Google Play and the Apple App Store, and to use newly created wallet addresses as previous ones may have been “leaked to hackers.”

So far, more than $8 million in Tether USDT, DAI, BNB, and Ether has been stolen, according to blockchain security and analytics firm PeckShield.

One suspected hacker wallet address already holds over $5 million in digital assets.


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