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iPay Takes a Huge step towards becoming the De Facto Payment Gateway for content creators in Web 3.0

iPay Takes a Huge step towards becoming the De Facto Payment Gateway for content creators in Web 3.0

The creator economy is one of today’s fastest-growing economic sectors. Creators no longer rely on Web 2.0 platforms for the infrastructure that they used to provide in order to generate money.

To adopt new revenue tactics, creators are shifting their audiences away from larger platforms and onto their own websites and applications. By providing direct, safe, and rapid transactions, the power of creators can stimulate wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.

A currency created expressly for the creative economy can be used as a monetization tool as well as an investment vehicle for storing and appreciating the collective value created by creators.

iPay wants to employ groundbreaking blockchain technology to become the primary medium of exchange and method of safe, anonymous virtual transactions for a variety of industries, including mainstream/adult creators, gaming, gambling, and more, as well as their metaverse migration.

Platforms like iFans allow digital content creators to build an online community and sell their work directly to their followers and subscribers. Unlike social networking sites, where members earn money indirectly through adverts put inside their material, iFans uses a digital barrier for direct monetization.

They can generate money even if they don’t wish to work full-time as a digital content creator by selling their work on iFans in their spare time.

As more creators, creative platforms, and businesses shunned by banks and big tech come to iPay, they’ll be able to reap not only all of the aforementioned benefits, but also function as a repository for the vast appreciating value they’re generating together.

iPay isn’t just another utility token. If it were the only issue, its chances would be tremendous. However, the idea is to present it as a game-changer by recognizing the enormous and explosive value that the creative, adult, and gaming sectors jointly generate through a token and the transactions that take place through it.

iPay will be positioned as the right token, in the right place, with the right ideas and vision, at the right time, as these industries expand into the virtual reality metaverse, the growing market for NFTs within them, the need for secure and anonymous virtual payment solutions, and the rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies.

iPay aspires to be the most important payment channel for content providers

The creator economy is currently valued at 104 billion dollars, with a forecasted value of 5.25 trillion dollars by 2030. The cryptocurrency market is currently worth 2.5 trillion dollars and is anticipated to reach 250 trillion dollars by 2030.

NFTs are currently valued $100 million on the market. The market is expected to have increased 2000 times by 2030, reaching a value of 204 billion dollars. The metaverse is currently valued at $47 billion. This market is predicted to reach $2.4 trillion in size.

All of this predicts that the volume of crypto transactions will expand by a factor of five in the next ten years. The major engines of this growth will be the artists and people who love their work, and iPay is well positioned to benefit from it.

Consider what it would be like if iPhone users were able to invest in and profit from the device’s increasing popularity. This is one of the main advantages of using iPay over the current field of cryptocurrencies, which will grow at an exponential rate in terms of usage and market over the next decade.

iPay enables a secure, anonymous way for virtual transactions to be used directly, as well as a mode of investment in the industries that will fuel and benefit the most from these marketplaces’ exponential expansion.

In the crypto coin world, use cases are generally regarded as the alpha and omega of potential success. Furthermore, coins can be utilized as accepted payment methods or attached to a specific utility in the best-case scenario. iPay has a significant advantage in this business because it will be incorporated into the multi-million dollar iFans platform and a few others by the time it launches.

iPay will be able to reward and perfect modes of adoption by fans and creators during this initial beta phase of integration onto a large creator platform. The goal is to attract other platforms, such as brick-and-mortar firms interested in expanding into streaming services, virtual reality, and metaverse migration.

Some of these possible collaborations are already in the development and integration stages. Taking all of these prospective market prospects into account, iPay aspires to become a prominent player in these rapidly growing industries.

The phenomenal expansion of collectibles in the form of NFTs is one of these sectors. iFans will be the first platform to have an exclusive marketplace offering NFTs that can only be purchased with iPay in the near future.

In the long run, the iPay team will work on developing the tools that will allow all partners and platforms to connect their services into the metaverse. They have the advantage of working with long-term personal relationships who have been building the metaverse’s architecture and underlying technology for the past decade.

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