SynFutures, the decentralized finance (DeFi) derivatives system, has recently surpassed $100 billion in total trading volume on Blast, achieving this milestone in a mere four months.

According to Messari, the protocol was one of the first decentralized apps to be launched on Blast. It rapidly became the leading perpetual trading exchange on the network, accounting for 83% of Blast’s volume market share at the end of the first quarter.

Since its introduction, SynFutures has consistently maintained its position as the top decentralized derivatives exchange, surpassing competitors in terms of weekly trading volume according to DefiLlama.

SynFutures’ expansion can be credited to its strategic initiatives and collaborations, such as the Oyster Odyssey (O_O) Program. This program incentivizes users for their onchain activity and also makes them eligible for the Blast airdrop.

The O_O program has witnessed a total of 150,000 individuals who have engaged with it on the blockchain. Furthermore, it has disbursed a staggering amount of 1.57 million units of Blast Gold, along with Blast Points and several other incentives.

SynFutures has formed partnerships with prominent projects on Blast, including Pacmoon, Ring Protocol, Renzo,, Kelp DAO, Pyth Network, Mangrove, District One, eesse, and ZAP, in order to enhance engagement and raise awareness.

SynFutures V3 has solidified its position as the preferred perpetual decentralized exchange (DEX) for trading memecoins, altcoins, and other less popular assets, in addition to big tokens, by incorporating popular tokens such as PAC, DEGEN, YES, WIF, and ESE into its permissionless listings strategy.

SynFutures has implemented several enhancements in response to customer input from Blast. These improvements encompass mobile liquidity provision, an optimized portfolio page, expanded price basis options, trading pair information, Trust Wallet compatibility, and various interface and user experience modifications.