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Mastercard launches Crypto Credential, enabling simple, secure crypto transactions with aliases

Mastercard launches Crypto Credential

Mastercard has implemented the Crypto Credential functionality, which allows customers to transmit and receive bitcoins using uncomplicated aliases rather than intricate blockchain addresses.

The peer-to-peer (P2P) functionality is now accessible on many cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bit2Me and Lirium. Mastercard’s Crypto Credential simplifies blockchain transactions by authenticating user identities and assuring interoperability between digital assets and recipient wallets. Additionally, it facilitates the transfer of Travel Rule data to ensure transparency and deter illicit activity.

According to Mastercard’s criteria, users are authenticated and assigned a pseudonym for transactions. Prior to continuing, the system verifies the compatibility of the recipient’s alias and wallet, and promptly notifies the sender of any potential concerns to avoid any financial loss.

The service is now accessible on exchanges like as Bit2Me, Lirium, and Mercado Bitcoin, and will soon be available on Foxbit and Lulubit.

Users residing in Argentina, Brazil, France, and Spain now have the ability to conduct both domestic and international payments in several currencies, spanning across numerous blockchain networks.

Mastercard intends to extend this functionality to more than seven million customers on partner exchanges in the near future, showcasing its dedication to enhancing the use and accessibility of cryptocurrencies.

Mastercard’s Crypto Credential is indicative of a broader pattern in which conventional financial institutions are integrating blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies into their offerings.

Mastercard is actively supporting the use of cryptocurrencies worldwide by streamlining transactions, improving security measures, and fostering transparency. As a result, the future of digital banking is very bright.

Note that Mastercard also developed an Ethereum-based app store for regulated financial apps a few months back.


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