MicroStrategy has purchased an extra 11,931 Bitcoin, valued at around $786 million, in order to enhance its market capitalization and stock price.

The acquisition was financed via convertible notes and excess funds, at an average price of around $65,883 per Bitcoin. As of June 20, MicroStrategy possesses an extensive amount of 226,331 Bitcoins, with an approximate value of $14.5 billion.

With Michael Saylor at the helm, the company has transformed from a relatively obscure software startup to a prominent participant in the crypto market, currently possessing about 1.1% of the worldwide Bitcoin inventory.

MicroStrategy’s stock has experienced a significant increase of 135% this year. Analysts from Bernstein have given the firm an outperform rating and have set a price target of $2,890, indicating a possible rise of an additional 80%.

The company’s assertive Bitcoin acquisition approach has resulted in a quadrupling of the Bitcoin worth per equity share in terms of US dollars, which is twice the rate of growth of Bitcoin’s current market price.

The company’s substantial Bitcoin holdings have wider ramifications for corporate treasuries, potentially enhancing institutional acceptance of Bitcoin and confirming its status as a valuable asset.

The optimistic assessment of MicroStrategy by analysts, such as Bernstein’s target price of $2,890, underscores their belief in the company’s strategic approach and its potential for growth.

MicroStrategy’s recent acquisition of Bitcoin underscores its dedication to establishing a prominent position in the crypto sector, having invested a substantial sum of around $8.33 billion in Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor’s astute leadership has played a crucial role in this metamorphosis, positioning MicroStrategy as a prominent proponent and custodian of Bitcoin.

Last week, MicroStrategy announced its plan to raise $500 million by means of convertible senior notes.