During the period from April to June 2024, MicroStrategy has obtained an additional around 12,000 bitcoins, resulting in a total of around 226,331 bitcoins in their possession.

These bitcoins are currently valued at nearly $15 billion. The corporation has allocated approximately $8.33 billion to amass its bitcoin holdings, with an average purchase price of $36,798 per bitcoin.

The most recent acquisitions were financed by a senior notes convertible offering, originally aiming for $500 million but ultimately raising $800 million. CEO Michael Saylor has consistently championed Bitcoin, perceiving it as a safeguard against inflation and a reliable asset for preserving wealth.

Despite experiencing an 8% fall recently, MicroStrategy’s stock has had a remarkable climb of more than 345% in the past year.

MicroStrategy’s strategic approach has served as a catalyst for other companies to embrace comparable Bitcoin treasury plans. For instance, DeFi Technologies and Semler Scientific have integrated Bitcoin into their financial strategies in the US, while Metaplanet has increased its Bitcoin holdings in Japan.

The company intends to capitalize on the possible future increase in value of Bitcoin by allocating a significant amount of its assets to the cryptocurrency.

As of June 20, 2024, MicroStrategy and its subsidiaries possess a combined total of 226,331 bitcoins, showcasing the company’s unwavering commitment to the promise of Bitcoin.