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North Korean Hacking Group Cleans $27.18 Million in ETH from Harmony Bridge Incident

Harmony Bridge Attack Leads to $27.18 Million ETH Laundered by North Korean Hackers

The Harmony Bridge hack that saw the theft of $100 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) in June continues to see its stolen funds laundered.

Sleuth ZachXBT reported that the hackers laundered $27.18 million of the ETH over the weekend, with six exchanges receiving the funds. Some of the assets were also frozen by the receiving exchanges.

The FBI recently identified the North Korean hacking organization Lazarus Group and its sub-unit APT38 as responsible for the Harmony Bridge attack. The Lazarus Group is funded by the North Korean government.

Previous laundering of over $60 million of the stolen ETH helped the FBI track the attackers, with some of the stolen funds being frozen with the help of exchanges.


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