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Over 140 ETH Stolen in Elleria Arbitrum Bridge Attack

Elleria Arbitrum Bridge Compromised, Hackers Steal 140+ ETH

In another unfortunate incident for the DeFi space, the popular web3 game Tales of Elleria has fallen victim to a hack resulting in the theft of over 140 ETH, worth approximately $273,000.

The game’s team confirmed the attack, which occurred on April 19, and identified the exploit as targeting the Arbitrum bridge contract.

The hacker exploited the contract to mint 5 billion ELM tokens and drain the LP, leading to a significant decline in the ELLERIUM (ELM) token’s value.

The team has suspended all deposits and withdrawals and has urged players not to buy the ELM token until further notice.

Tales of Elleria is a browser-based role-playing game that allows players to participate in quests and earn rewards in the form of NFTs.

It appears that the hacker generated a unique signature to withdraw an “obscene amount” of ELM tokens and split the stolen funds across four transactions.


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