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Quantic To Be Listed On BitMart, Offers High APY Auto Staking Token

Quantic To Be Listed On BitMart, Offers High APY Auto Staking Token

The Quantic team is pleased to update the community regarding its BitMart listing. BitMart will list Quantic (QUANTIC) on their digital assets platform on April 8, 2022. The news comes after getting listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko just recently. Quantic offers high APY auto staking token that allows users secondary BUSD rewards as well. The project aims to be amongst few projects that have long-term vision with the APY background.

About Quantic

Quantic is a Binance Smart Chain-based innovative Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that offers its token holders option to generate revenue.


The project boasts an auto-stake feature that supports automatic staking and compounding of holders’ $QUANTIC native tokens.


Although Quantic is less than two months old, it has been listed on exchanges such as Hotbit and will soon be listed on the BitMart exchange.


Sustainability Fund: 5% of the total token supply is dedicated to the Sustainability Fund. The sustainability fee is designed to ensure the rebase reward’s integrity through token burns and buybacks and ultimately secured the 100,000% fixed APY.

Treasury Fund: Quatic ecosystem’s future development and marketing are funded by the Treasury Fund. In extreme situations, it serves as a support system for the rebase reward through $QUANTIC token buybacks.

Liquidity Pool: The liquidity pool receives 6% of the total token supply through a huge transaction volume.

The Quantic team will soon launch a website to provide users a platform where they can buy the token with a credit card, as the team is already moving towards finishing all targets listed in the roadmap, along with trading on Pancakeswap Dex.



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