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Solana Whales Make Big Move: $60 Million in $SOL Transferred to Coinbase

SOL Whales Transfer $60 Million to Coinbase Source: NOAA Fisherie

A cluster of massive Solana whale wallets has recently caught the attention of the crypto community.

According to data from whale monitoring service Whale Alert, these wallets have transferred over $60 million worth of $SOL to the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase in a series of transactions that suggest a single entity may be behind the movement of funds.

The transactions were flagged by Whale Alert, which recorded a series of transfers worth between $12 million and $12.5 million of Solana to the US-based crypto trading platform.

The transfers were completed within minutes of each other and involved between 599,999 and 554,000 SOL moving to wallets controlled by Coinbase. In total, the transactions amounted to nearly $70 million and were completed in less than two minutes, raising the possibility of a single entity behind them.

Given that the cryptocurrency was transferred to a crypto exchange, it could potentially be sold on the open market. However, the negligible fees incurred by the transactions suggest that this was not the primary motive behind the transfer.

Instead, it could be speculated that the whale wallets may be consolidating their holdings or positioning themselves for an upcoming event.

The transfer comes at a time when Solana’s price has been on the rise. The cryptocurrency has been recovering from the collapse of FTX earlier this year and has seen increasing developer activity on its platform.

Solana is a blockchain network that employs a delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) consensus algorithm to achieve high performance. Its unique approach to ordering transactions significantly enhances its speed and throughput, making it an attractive option for developers.


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