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Solana’s Jupiter DEX Plans Token Airdrop as a ‘Big Thank You’

Solana DEX Initiates Airdrop Program for Early Supporters

Based on the Solana platform, Jupiter decentralized exchange (DEX) is giving back to its early adopters with an abundance of token airdrops.

Billions of Jupiter tokens will be distributed by the decentralized exchange, forty percent of which will be distributed to users in four phases.

Next week will mark the start of the airdrop’s first phase, which will involve the distribution of one billion Jupiter tokens.

Users must have exchanged at least $1,000 worth of tokens on the Jupiter platform in order to be eligible for this reward. The eligibility of nearly 955,000 wallets is determined by their swap volume.

Next week, the team said an airdrop-specific website will go live, enabling users to view their token allocations. By combining liquidity from DEX on the Solana blockchain, Jupiter DEX has become well-known for offering users the best rates for token swaps.

The platform has gained prominence on Solana since its October 2021 launch and last month saw an amazing trading volume of almost $1 billion.


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