In November 13, 2023, it was reported that BlackRock had registered an iShares XRP Trust.

However, after publication, a spokesperson for BlackRock confirmed that the trust registration was indeed falsified and had no association with BlackRock.

We at Crypto Briefing are committed to delivering accurate and dependable information to our readers, and we regret any confusion caused by the initial version of this article. Updates have been implemented to reflect the correct information as of November 13, 2023.

The confusion arose from a fake filing that mimicked BlackRock’s involvement in registering an iShares XRP Trust, sparking temporary speculation that the asset manager was gearing up to apply for a spot XRP exchange-traded fund (ETF).

The spokesperson for BlackRock has since clarified to various media outlets that the said filing is not genuine and has no ties to the company.

It’s essential to note that BlackRock currently has no plans to submit an application for a spot XRP ETF to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The earlier claim that BlackRock registered an iShares XRP Trust with Delaware’s Department of State has been confirmed as fabricated.

The falsified filing, initially brought to attention by users on Twitter, had a momentary impact on the XRP market. Following the news, the price of XRP experienced a brief surge of over 10%.

However, once the revelation surfaced that the filing was indeed fake, the price of XRP retraced.