, a platform for decentralized money, has introduced $RAYS, a system of points created to motivate and compensate users for their active participation with the app and associated protocols.

The reward program consists of three distinct phases: retroactive participation, retroactive points claiming, and the accumulation of $RAYS.

A snapshot was captured on June 18th, 2024 to acknowledge both previous and present users, as well as individuals now utilizing other protocols and services inside the DeFi ecosystem.

A total of more than 2 million user addresses will receive $RAYS as a reward, which will be determined based on their levels of activity.

Users who have been allotted $RAYS will have a three-month period, starting from June 20th to September 17th, 2024, to claim their $RAYS. users, both current and former, are eligible to receive their $RAYS automatically.

However, individuals who have not used before must open a position on the platform for a minimum of 14 days in order to claim their $RAYS.

Accrual of points for active users of began on June 18th, and is determined by their usage of the platform and the size of their positions.

The program seeks to improve user experience and promote the use of its advanced DeFi solutions, establishing as a prominent platform in the field of DeFi.