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Terra Member Volunteers to Resolve Technical Debt Challenge

A member of the Terra Classic community has stepped forward to address the technical debt challenge faced by the Terra Classic L1

A member of the Terra Classic community, known as The Vinh Nguyen on social media, has stepped forward to address the technical debt challenge faced by the Terra Classic L1 Task Force Q4 proposal.

Nguyen and his team have volunteered to tackle the accumulated technical debt in the coming quarter for the benefit of the community.

This unexpected offer by Nguyen has evoked mixed reactions within the Terra Classic community. While some community members have applauded the initiative taken by Nguyen and his team, others have raised questions about the motives behind their voluntary work.

Aru Basu, a community member using the pseudonym on social media, voiced curiosity about the reason behind Nguyen’s decision to volunteer.

Basu inquired whether the volunteers believed they had received more from the community than they had given in previous quarters, or if there were no other tasks left to accomplish once the technical debt issue was resolved.

Another community member, WSB Trader Rocko, sought clarification from someone within the LUNC community.

Rocko questioned how someone could claim to be working for free while also requesting $9,000 in operational expenses (Opex) funds.

The technical debt problem in question came to the forefront after the Joint L1 Task Force successfully upgraded the Terra Classic network to core version 2.2.1 on September 12, 2023.

The team acknowledged that in pursuit of speed, they had made early decisions that sacrificed layer-two compatibility, resulting in numerous broken DApps and tools. Their objective was to achieve parity quickly.


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