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The crypto community discusses whether Twitter should accept BTC or XRP

Twitter crypto payment

The crypto community gets into a heated debate over which cryptocurrency Twitter should accept as payment through its payment app.

According to cryptocurrency investor @APompliano, Bitcoin (BTC) is the only form of payment that can scale up instantaneous, international microtransactions.

The native Bitcoin blockchain, according to many Twitter users who disputed this assertion, could only handle seven transactions per second (TPS).

Blockchain attorney John E. Deaton criticized Apompiano’s assertion as demonstrably incorrect and pointed out that Twitter had been accepting micropayments with Ripple’s native token (XRP) for years prior to Bitcoin.

Deaton stated that he held more Bitcoin tokens than XRP and was only attempting to make factual arguments about Ripple in order to avoid being branded an XRP fanboy.

The cryptocurrency attorney also disclosed that in the past, he had previously gone before a judge with a document outlining how XRP token holders had been using it as a peer-to-peer decentralized payment system ever since, including on Twitter.

Deaton also provided information about the cross-platform program XRP TipBot. The program enables users to send another person XRP while keeping an eye on social media posts on Twitter, Reddit, or Discord.

Twitter, however, forbade TipBot in 2020. The Bitcoin attorney thought it was because Jack Patrick Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, supports Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, a layer-2 Bitcoin solution.

Third-largest altcoin XRP has a market cap of almost $25 billion. It is currently trading at $0.4903, up 6% over the previous week. In contrast, Bitcoin only increased 2.71% over the previous week.


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