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The XRP Ledger completes its 84 millionth ledger transaction

The XRP Ledger

The XRP Ledger, the foundational blockchain for the XRP crypto, has reached an important milestone by completing its 84 millionth ledger transaction.

XRPScan analytics show that the current ledger count exceeds 84 million, a significant achievement just six weeks after the ledger completed its 83 millionth transaction in early October. This rate corresponds to about 1 million new ledgers per month.

This continued growth underscores the XRP Ledger’s rapid adoption and continuous innovation as the third-largest blockchain by market capitalization, after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With new developments on the horizon, the XRP Ledger is ready for even more progress. Two new XLS standards that address signer lists and NFT escrows have recently been proposed

While the “0051 XLS-51d: NFToken Escrows” proposal seeks to introduce escrow capabilities for NFTs, akin to the current escrow features for XRP crypto, the “XLS-49d: Multiple Signer Lists” standard will enable accounts to use multiple signer lists for authorization.

Additionally, two amendments, “fixNFTokenRemint” and “fixReducedOffersV1,” have received the approval of more than 80% of validators.

The two-week countdown to the mainnet implementation of these amendments is now underway. The purpose of these technical improvements is to improve the ledger’s expanding portfolio of products related to NFTs and decentralized exchanges.


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