Crypto analyst Justin Bennett cautions that Bitcoin (BTC) may experience a decline to lower price levels as it reaches the range of $63,000.

He has the belief that Bitcoin is now confined inside a specific price range. However, the recent breach of the trendline established in October 2023, along with the imbalances observed on February 26th and 27th, indicate that the price range of $52,000-$54,000 may be the next target.

The markets are currently in search of increased liquidity below the low of $56,500, and the possibility of a surge above $72,000 cannot be ruled out.

The analyst predicts a potential downturn in Bitcoin’s value, with a projected decrease to the $60,751 mark, followed by a temporary increase to around $63,000, and ultimately a further collapse below $54,000. The analyst observes that Bitcoin’s market peak on the monthly chart is approximately $65,000.

Despite numerous attempts since 2021, Bitcoin has been unable to convert this level into a supportive area. The analyst opines that the charts exhibit unfavorable trends, and the stability of the stock market is the sole factor preventing a significant decline in the crypto market. The current trade price of Bitcoin is $64,471, reflecting a decrease of almost 1% throughout the past 24 hours.