Cronos zkEVM, a blockchain based on Zero-Knowledge EVM technology, has initiated its Pioneer Program, which enables early adopters to accumulate points by actively engaging with the network and interacting with certain decentralized applications (dapps).

According to the company, the program’s objective is to provide incentives to the Cronos community and acknowledge early supporters for their active engagement in both the testnet and mainnet. The program will progress gradually in the upcoming weeks, encompassing community and social quests.

These quests will allow users to accumulate loyalty points while becoming acquainted with the various features and services offered on the site. Point holders can redeem their points while utilizing ecosystem dapps, which are anticipated to provide additional token returns and other advantages to users.

The outcome will be the presence of three tiers of returns on cryptocurrency assets: the inherent staking return, the DeFi return produced by different DeFi protocols, and the additional return provided by participating dapps to holders of loyalty points.

The Cronos project is commencing the Cronos zkEVM Passage campaign in collaboration with Veno Finance, commencing on July 4 and concluding upon the mainnet launch. The release of crypto assets, staking yield, and Pioneer points will occur when the mainnet is launched.