FIFA World launches a virtual gaming environment on Roblox ahead of FIFA World Cup in Qatar

FIFA and Roblox (NYSE: RBLX) teamed up to grant free-to-play access to FIFA World to both the Roblox community and football fans worldwide.

Roblox and FIFA have announced a groundbreaking partnership that will grant free-to-play access to FIFA World to both the Roblox community and football fans worldwide. 

The FIFA World is a virtual platform that honors the force of football and the lengthy history of its most important games.

The international governing body of association football, beach football, and futsal has announced in a press release that the opening of the Roblox virtual world comes before the impending 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

FIFA plans to create free-to-play challenges with incentives and keep creating interactive football experiences for fans.

In the press release, FIFA Chief Business Officer Romy Gai,

“As part of its commitment to developing new football gaming titles for fans, FIFA will work with Roblox to create an exciting new online immersive experience for all football fans to hang out in social spaces, earn rewards and collect exclusive virtual items through various skill games and multiple collectors’ challenges.”

The metaverse has drawn FIFA’s notice in the past. It submitted a fresh patent application to the USPTO in late July in order to trademark the 2026 World Cup in the metaverse and virtual sports goods.

According to Gai, “FIFA thinks that such a multi-layered experience would result in a truly inclusive and exciting gameplay, engaging both new and long-time football fans from around the world and promoting the principles of the sport to an even broader audience.”


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