Former FTX US President Harrison promises to disclose information about exchange

The former president of FTX US

Brett Harrison, the former president of FTX US, has stated that he plans to share information about the operations of the crypto exchange.

In a Twitter post, Harrison replied to a question about what he knew about FTX US and when, stating simply, “I’ll share in time.”

Harrison resigned from his position as president of FTX US in September of last year, prior to the crisis that led to the exchange’s collapse.

Prior to joining FTX US in May 2021, Harrison was an executive at Citadel Securities, where he worked in high-speed trading.

The former CEO of FTX’s sister trading firm, Alameda Research, Caroline Ellison, and FTX co-founder and former CTO Gary Wang, have both pleaded guilty to criminal charges and are cooperating with prosecutors.

However, the fate of other key figures involved with FTX and Alameda, including former FTX engineering director Nishad Singh, remains unclear as authorities continue to investigate their roles in the firm’s collapse.

It has been reported that Harrison is currently attempting to raise funds for a new startup that will sell crypto trading software to large investors.

Harrison did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the information he plans to share.


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