Former President Donald Trump now sells NFTs as side hustle

Former President Donald Trump NFTs

Former President Donald Trump has announced the launch of his own NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which he calls “digital trading cards,” on a website called

The cards, which cost $99 each, feature Trump depicted as a superhero with laser eyes, an astronaut, a cowboy, a golfer, and a businessman surrounded by gold bars.

Trump has promised that buyers will join a “very exclusive community” and be eligible to win prizes, including a gala dinner with him in South Florida, a cocktail hour at his Mar-a-Lago resort, a one-on-one meeting, a round of golf, Zoom sessions, signed memorabilia, and “Golden Edition signed e-trading cards.”

The site accepts credit cards and cryptocurrency and states that buyers can sell or trade their digital trading cards on any marketplace that accepts Polygon-based NFTs.

Additionally, the launch of Trump’s NFTs comes at a time when the NFT market has stagnated, with prices dropping 97% since the start of the year.


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