Illuvium Launches Third Blockchain Game to Start the New Year

Blockchain gaming Illuvium

Blockchain gaming studio Illuvium will release an alpha version of its third game, Illuvium: Zero, tomorrow.

The game, which will be available to the roughly 6,500 holders of Illuvium’s land nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on mobile and PC, is a building game in which players can develop and manage their “digital industrial complex.”

In the game, land NFT holders can earn money by extracting fuel and selling it on the game’s marketplace. Illuvium’s two other games, Monster battler Illuvium: Arena and open world Illuvium: Overworld, are both in the beta testing phase.

The company plans to open access to all three games to the public in mid-2023. Illuvium aims to create a product that can compete with non-blockchain games using Unreal Engine 5 on ImmutableX’s blockchain.

However, many mainstream gaming companies, including Mojang Studios and Rockstar Games, have banned the use of NFTs on their platforms.


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