Is Terra Luna founder Kwon living illegally in Europe?

Terra Luna founder is living illegally in Europe

Do Kwon, the CEO of Terra Labs, is believed to be hiding in Europe, according to South Korean authorities. Furthermore, KBS stated that it “understood that [Kwon] is currently in Europe.”

Notably, KBS reported that Do Kwon‘s passport had been revoked by South Korean authorities based on their decision.

As a result, it states that Kwon “cannot travel legally between countries,” and that if he does, he will be considered an illegal immigrant.

Although the authorities have identified the country in which Kwon currently resides, it is unclear whether they know the exact location where Kwon can be apprehended.

With his passport revoked and an impending Interpol arrest warrant, Kwon took to Twitter to declare that he was ready to leave this hideout.

Surprisingly, he proposed holding a conference and inviting cops from all over the world to attend.

Kwon has been charged with violating the Capital Markets Act, fraud, and tax evasion. Kwon, however, did not enter a plea to these charges.

In a subsequent tweet, Kwon made a statement that appears to be directed at South Korean authorities.

It’s worth noting that this is Kwon’s third country since the Terra labs crash. Kwon, in particular, was said to have moved to Singapore and then flown to Europe via Dubai.


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