Justin Sun has committed $236 million to Dominican Crypto Reserves.


The USDD algorithmic stablecoin is now listed alongside Huobi Cryptocurrency (HT), Huobi’s native token. USDD/HT, USDD/BTC, and USDD/ETH are currently available on the exchange.

This is the latest phase in the exchange’s foreign expansion plan. This development comes as no surprise following the revelation of a shift in the exchange’s controlling ownership and the appointment of Tron/USDD founder Justin Sun to its Global Advisory Board.

Following Sun’s entrance, Huobi launched a host of activities aimed at solidifying its position as a major crypto exchange while providing added value to HT holders. The introduction of zero transaction fees for all 11 USDD trading pairs is one such endeavor.

Meanwhile, the listing comes only weeks after Dominica legalized USDD and another Tron-based cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the Dominican government would grant statutory validity to all Tron-based digital assets.

Tron has also increased its ownership of all Dominica legal tenders by almost $236 million in the last month.

Huobi is Sun’s newest business venture and one of his numerous pet projects. Sun appears to be aiming to boost his status as a blockchain entrepreneur even further after directing a slew of decentralized ventures, including TRON, BitTorrent, and USDD.

Earlier this month, Tron founder Justin Sun expressed interest in purchasing assets or shares of Credit Suisse, a Swiss financial services business. Sun has stated that he wishes to bring the global investment bank into the Web3 ecosystem.

Furthermore, he considered acquiring Twitter in April, even outbidding Elon Musk’s proposed $54.20 per share purchase to do so.


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