Kia’s US unit used its first NFTs to raise funds for the Petfinder Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps alleviate overcrowding in animal shelters.

The car company sold 10,000 “adoption pass” NFTs for free on the Tezos blockchain, and then sold an additional 10,000 generative versions for $20.22 each in conjunction with the NBA All-Star Game.

Furthermore, the NFTs, which featured a robotic puppy named Robo Dog, sold out on the Sweet NFT marketplace and raised $100,000, plus an additional $500,000 in fiat from Kia.

The funds were used to cover the adoption costs of over 22,000 animals in shelters. Smart contracts for the NFTs included a provision for a 10% creator royalty, which was earmarked to go to the Petfinder Foundation whenever a Robo Dog was resold.