Cryptograph NFT marketplace announced that ‘KOBE’ by Davis Factor Auction is now live. The auction features Kobe Bryant NFTs that are one-of-a-kind NFTs intended to immortalize Kobe’s legacy and help Mamba and Mambacita Foundation.

Cryptograph is an NFT marketplace that is one-of-a-kind digital collectibles from your favorite icons and artists that raises money for charity forever, all secured by blockchain technology.

Today, they announced that 8 never-before-seen NFTs are available for bidding. The digital image or photos presented in this auction are one of the world’s first impressions of Kobe at the beginning of his career. As mentioned above, there are 8 unique 1/1 NFTs.

In addition, the company said that 100% of revenues would go to the Mamba & Mabacita Sports Foundation forever. Following this, Cryptograph said,

“We are honoring Kobe Bryant in an entirely new way using NFT technology. Through this special collaboration with Los Angeles Photographer & Director @DavisFactor of Smashbox Studios, we present eight individual, one-of-a-kind NFTs to immortalize the late Kobe Bryant.”

Moreover, the company added, “We are creating a homage to a beautiful legacy that will create a long-term positive impact for the Mamba and Mambacita Foundation.”