Mark Cuban subpoenaed to testify over Voyager promotion

Mark Cuban

In February, Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is scheduled to be deposed in connection with a proposed class-action lawsuit that claims that he promoted a Ponzi scheme through Voyager Digital, a crypto lender that has now gone bankrupt.

The deposition will take place on February 2 in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, two Dallas Mavericks employees will be deposed before February 23, while three plaintiffs behind the suit will be deposed before the end of the month.

The lawsuit alleges that Cuban misled investors about Voyager’s services, claiming that it was cheaper and offered commission-free trading when it was not.

It further states that Cuban and Voyager CEO Stephen Ehrlich used their knowledge and experience to exploit investors who were unaware that their money was being put into a Ponzi scheme.


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