Nissan Ventures into Metaverse with Web3 Trademarks and Sales Experimentation

Nissan is the latest automotive giant to invest in Web3

Japanese carmaker Nissan is the latest automotive giant to invest in Web3 technology, filing four new trademarks related to the decentralized web in the United States.

The trademarks cover the Infiniti, Nismo, and Nissan brands and outline plans to create virtual clothes, cars, headgear, trading cards, toys, tickets, and a nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace for trading and minting NFTs.

The company is also planning to offer metaverse advertising services and other “entertainment services” covering online video, images, artwork, tickets, audio, sounds, music, and trading cards, as well as a website with information about Nissan’s proposed NFTs and how they will work.

Meanwhile, Nissan’s Japan unit is experimenting with auto sales in the metaverse through its virtual store “Nissan Hype Lab”.

The three-month “demonstration experiment” allows customers to visit the virtual storefront 24/7 via a PC or smartphone and interact with virtual sales staff. Customers can order a car and finalize purchase contracts through this virtual sales office.

Nissan’s foray into Web3 comes after it filed five trademark applications in October 2022 for some of its most prominent car models, including the Skyline, Z, and GTR.

Other car manufacturers like General Motors and Ford Motor Company have also filed NFT-related trademark applications, signaling their entry into the world of NFTs and the metaverse.

Despite the ongoing crypto winter and bear market, multinational corporations continue to push forward with trademark applications covering Web3, crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse. With more and more companies investing in this technology, it’s clear that Web3 is set to become a significant part of our future.


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