ZTX Metaverse Joins Forces with ZGM for Exciting $ZTX-Powered Prediction Contest

ZTX Metaverse Platform and ZGM Collaborate for Innovative $ZTX-Enabled Prediction Competition

The ZTX Web3 metaverse project has teamed up with ZGM, a global metaverse influencer company, to launch the first-ever $ZTX-backed betting competition, which is an exciting step toward reaching its 2023 goals.

Under the direction of Chief Futurist Alexx, the ZTX team said it is improving District Home owners’ virtual reality experiences and generating value for ZTX token holders.

Starting on November 18 and running through November 22, in Manila, the Yield Guild Games Web3 Games Summit is where the ZTX betting competition will take place.

The competition is open to members of the worldwide ZTX community, and participants can compete for a prize pool of $ZTX tokens, which is roughly $20,000. People must join the ZTX Discord server and have a $ZTX balance in order to participate.

For token holders, the competition presents a chance to use their assets to unlock additional experiences and entertainment value.

Notably, there is no out-of-pocket cost to attend, which makes it a fun and inclusive community event. To create teams for different metaverse games and enable smooth betting experiences, the ZGM team will work closely with the ZTX community.

ZTX Chief Futurist Alexx was enthusiastic about the campaign and emphasized its potential to showcase ZTX’s widespread adoption as well as promote Web3 gaming.

The significance of cooperation between Web2 and Web3 initiatives was emphasized by Wendy Heo, Global Partnerships Manager at ZGM, for reciprocal advantages and long-term expansion.


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