MicroStrategy Increases Bitcoin Holdings with 2,500 BTC Purchase

MicroStrategy buys more Bitcoin

MicroStrategy, a company led by Michael Saylor, has made a series of Bitcoin purchases and sales in late 2022.

From the start of November to December 21, the company purchased nearly 2,395 BTCs at a cost of $42.8 million, with an average price of $17,871 per BTC.

On December 22, MicroStrategy sold approximately 704 BTCs for a total of $11.8 million, with an average price of $16,776 per BTC.

This move was reportedly motivated by the potential tax benefit the company would receive from carrying back the capital losses from the sale against previous capital gains.

On December 24, the company made a further purchase of 810 BTCs for $13.6 million, paying an average of $16,845 per BTC.

As of December 27, MicroStrategy had a total of approximately 132,500 BTCs, which were purchased for a total of nearly $4.03 billion, or an average price of $30,397 per BTC.


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