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Cardano’s Founder Hails NFTs as the ‘Energetic Heart’ of ADA Ecosystem

Hoskinson stated that NFTs were “the most vibrant part of Cardano at the moment

Despite recent fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson remains positive about the progress of his ecosystem, particularly in regards to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issued on Cardano.

In a recent podcast, Hoskinson stated that NFTs were “the most vibrant part of Cardano at the moment,” with 8 million assets already issued and more than half of the projects in some way NFT-related.

Among the top Cardano projects with high engagement last week were Satellite CNFT, The Piggy Banking Barn, and JPG Store, alongside SingularityNET (AGIX), Eternl, and Minswap Labs.

Hoskinson also updated listeners on planned innovations in the NFT part of the Cardano ecosystem, including implementing the user-friendly Marlowe domain-specific language for writing and executing financial contracts.

The team is also looking into making Marlowe a low-code, no-code solution for issuing NFTs.

Additionally, the IOG team recently published updates on the Cardano platform, finalizing benchmarking runs and analyses for new SECP primitives, enhancing the Plutus debugger, and defining the Marlowe Runtime scaling strategy.

Hoskinson’s positive outlook and Cardano’s continued innovation in NFTs and blockchain technology indicate the potential for growth and success in the future.


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