Digital collectibles on Bitcoin (BTC) reaches a milestone of over $4 billion

Digital collectibles on Bitcoin reached a milestone of over $4 B

Digital collectibles on Bitcoin reached a milestone despite a 54% drop in non-fungible token (NFT) sales in May.

On June 4, NFT data tracker CryptoSlam reported an all-time high of over $4 billion in Bitcoin blockchain NFT sales. It comprised $3.97 billion in NFTs and $82 million in wash sales.

The greatest 30-day sales volume of blockchain-based NFTs was $171 million for Bitcoin. Ethereum was next with $159 million, then Solana with $90 million last month.

Bitcoin NFTs top 30-day volumes but are just the fourth-largest blockchain in sales. The Ronin blockchain, which has $4.2 billion in revenues, is third.

Second place goes to Solana NFTs with a record $5.5 billion in sales. Ethereum still leads NFT revenues with $43.8 billion.

NFT sales fell across the board in May. CryptoSlam reported 54% lower NFT revenue in May. NFT sales reached $1 billion in April and $624 million in May. Bitcoin collectibles also fell in sales. Data shows Bitcoin-based NFT sales decreased 68% in May.


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