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Donald Trump Launches Exclusive ‘Mugshot Edition’ NFTs at $99, Offering Unique Rewards

Donald Trump Launches 'Mugshot Edition' NFTs at $99, Offering Unique Rewards

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, has again entered the world of NFTs with a new ‘Mugshot Edition’ collection priced at $99 each.

This announcement has not only sparked interest among collectors, but it has also resulted in a price increase for Trump’s previous NFT releases.

The ‘Mugshot Edition’ NFT collection is inspired by Trump’s legal history and includes one-of-a-kind cards, some of which are personally signed by the former president.

According to the project’s official website, this edition adds a unique twist to Trump’s NFT offerings.

Buyers who purchase 47 or more cards from this new edition will receive an exclusive bonus. They will be able to dine with Donald Trump at his prestigious Mar-a-Lago estate. Buyers will also receive a piece of the suit Trump wore during his arrest as a special bonus.

The release of this ‘Mugshot Edition’ has resulted in a significant increase in the value of Trump’s earlier NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace.

The excitement and demand generated by this one-of-a-kind collection appear to have benefited the broader market for Trump’s digital collectibles.

While Donald Trump was initially known for his skepticism about cryptocurrencies, his venture into the NFT space has proven to be a profitable venture.

Trump’s NFT series, which draws parallels to traditional baseball cards, has already seen significant success, with both previous releases completely selling out and earning the former president a reported $2.8 million, according to disclosures from an ethics watchdog group.

Donald Trump’s ‘Mugshot Edition’ adds a new and intriguing chapter to the growing trend of public figures entering the digital collectibles space as the intersection of politics and the booming NFT market continues to evolve.


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