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Louis Vuitton’s New NFTs Are Worth $41K Each, But You Can’t Sell Them

Louis Vuitton has launched a limited-edition NFT collection called Via.

French luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton has launched a limited-edition NFT collection called “Via.” The collection consists of 200 non-fungible tokens, each of which is priced at €39,000 ($41,693).

The Via NFTs are not transferable, meaning that once they are purchased, they cannot be resold. This makes them a unique and exclusive collectible, and it also ensures that they will retain their value over time.

In addition to the NFTs, Louis Vuitton is also offering a range of exclusive experiences to holders of the Via tokens. These experiences include access to private events, discounts on Louis Vuitton products, and early access to new collections.

The Via NFT collection is a sign of Louis Vuitton’s commitment to the metaverse and Web3. The company believes that these new technologies offer a unique opportunity to connect with customers and create new forms of value.

The Via NFT collection is the latest in a series of moves by luxury brands to enter the metaverse. Gucci recently launched a virtual sneaker collection on Roblox, and Burberry has created a series of NFTs that can be used to customize its clothing.

The metaverse is still in its early stages, but it is clear that it is a major area of focus for luxury brands. These brands are looking to the metaverse to create new ways to connect with customers and generate revenue.


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