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Polygon and Salesforce Collaborate to Launch Innovative NFT Management Platform

Salesforce has partnered with Polygon blockchain to add NFTs

Salesforce, the leading CRM software company, has partnered with Polygon blockchain to add NFTs to their suite of tools. This move marks another significant win for Polygon, which has already established partnerships with Starbucks, Reddit, and other big names.

According to independent researcher Mike Sonders, Salesforce is the biggest SaaS company on a U.S. stock exchange. The partnership with Polygon will help Salesforce clients create token-based loyalty programs. The move follows a successful pilot program that involved Mattel and Crown Royal.

While many top SaaS companies are exploring the NFT sandbox, there is likely more than meets the eye in their logic. SaaS companies are the most conducive to integrating NFTs as they exist in a digital world. Moreover, they can help onboard broader brands, offering a ‘safety net’ that allows them to potentially uplevel their loyalty programs without getting too hands-on.

Salesforce executives have also hinted that crypto wallets could be the ‘new cookies,’ signaling the inevitability of web3. This development signifies that web3 is more than just a buzzword and has the potential to be a game-changer for businesses.


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