Optimisus Exclusively Interview John Oseni — 17 Years Old Nigerian Full Stack Blockchain Developer

Nigeria national John Oseni is a 17-year-old multitasking software and blockchain developer who started his career in tech in 2021.

Nigeria national John Oseni is a 17-year-old multitasking software and blockchain developer who started his career in tech in 2021. John started coding at a very tender age, making his parents think he was possessed at that time.

In an interview with Optimisus representative Daniel Karikari, Oseni shared his humble beginnings and how he became a Full Stack Blockchain Developer.

John Oseni and Daniel Karikari

According to John, at the age of 15, in Legos, Nigeria, he began repairing DVDs, radios, refrigerators, and other hardware devices for his neighborhood, where he discovered his stunning talent before pursuing his career in the tech space.

In addition, John disclosed that he was exposed to blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency by one of his childhood friends on one sunny day in 2021, when he started to explore what the hell was all about blockchain, while carrying out his routine hardware repair. 

He explained:

“I started hardware programming before venturing into software programming, and that was where I got to know HTML, JavaScript, Python, CSS, Node.js, and more. My learning roadmap was very fast because I diverted from being just a mere software developer to blockchain development, and that’s where I learned a lot of things when it comes to coding. When I started this, someone said it was not possible, but after spending months on research and receiving a lot of discouragement, I developed my first decentralized and secure blockchain-based video-conferencing application.”

Additionally, he emphasized that he fell in love with blockchain because of the vast decentralized benefits it offers, how it is disrupting the world, and how the technology aspires to eliminate middlemen based on how transactions are executed.

This sparked an interest that finally led John fully into blockchain and smart contracts programming to aid in the mass adoption of the technology.

What is more, he further highlighted that it wasn’t easy for him in the beginning because his parents were worried about his safety and later seized his laptop because he was preparing for his high school final exams.

However, he secretly purchased another laptop and used it at night to code. “I thank God they didn’t stop me from doing what I love doing most,” he said.

With his hard work, dedication, and perseverance in blockchain and smart contracts programming, John was recently selected as one of the “Top 100 Child Prodigies” in the world. Impressed by his industrious works, John told Optimisus that he has received more opportunities in various blockchain projects, which all of them are referrals.

Presently, John is now working with many top-notch companies in many countries, including the US, as a Senior Blockchain Developer, Brand Ambassador, CEO, and Co-Founder, where he gets paid in crypto sometimes. He is also working on creating his own company soon.


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