Optimisus: The World’s First Read-To-Earn, Write-To-Earn, and Edit-To-Earn Web3 Media Platform

Optimisus introduces the first read-to-earn, write-to-earn, and edit-to-earn web3 media platform

At Optimisus, the team believes that a world in which users are rewarded for their time spent reading, interacting, and engaging with content is what the media industry will look like in the future. Optimisus’ goal is to make this free-sharing society a reality by giving readers, content creators, and editors the ability to earn tokens from the time, engagement, and work that have contributed to the development of the sector.

Optimisus aims to achieve this vision by making it exciting for users to interact with content for their own benefit and that of the crypto space. 

The company’s vision comes amid the lack of information and education in the crypto space, the high cost of newsletter subscriptions, the rising cost of internet access, and the difficult economic environment that are making it hard for many people, primarily in developing nations, to connect.

Due to the high cost of internet access, users—especially young adults—find it difficult to stay up to date with the evolution of new technologies. They lack the motivation to read and interact with content on their phones or laptops using their already expensive internet data. Meanwhile, almost $100 million is generated by media companies around the world every month from users browsing media platforms, reading content, and staying up-to-date. 

Aside from this, some media companies make millions of dollars from selling monthly and yearly exclusive content subscriptions to their communities. In addition to providing information to users at a fee, these multi-million dollar media companies earn from the engagement of millions of users in the form of ads. 

Furthermore, they earn from selling user analytics data, but none of these rewards makes their way back to the user’s pocket, resulting in reduced attention and engagement, which, on the other hand, results in scams and phishing in the space. 

Therefore, the Optimisus team assumes that a lack of appreciation is what prevents people from engaging with content. Looking at this, the team believes that users should be valued because they are these companies’ primary source of revenue.

After considering all of this, the team decided to launch its flagship product, Optimisus. It is the world’s first web3 media platform with read-to-earn, write-to-earn, and edit-to-earn capabilities, with the goal of revolutionizing the media industry. 

Optimisus, which is powered by blockchain technology, enables users to read crypto-related news, stay informed, and educate themselves while earning the platform’s native token, OPX, to gain a better understanding of the industry and what is going on. This will help prevent and reduce scams and phishing attacks in the space, which have increased in recent years.

Furthermore, the platform will also allow writers and editors to directly share their thoughts and opinions on the crypto and blockchain industries and earn a share of the revenue generated.

In a nutshell, Optimisus enables users to engage with the platform by monetizing their content consumption and earning the platform’s native token, OPX, while reading, learning, writing, editing, and engaging with content.

About Optimisus

Launched in 2021 as a crypto and fintech media platform, Optimisus evolved to become one of the best crypto media platforms in Dubai and the world. Optimisus’ goal is to create a web3 media platform where users are rewarded for consuming content as well as creating it. We believe that this will foster the creation of an educated and exciting community that will drive the growth of the crypto industry and benefit all participants in the space.

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Roland is a Public Relations & Communications guru with an immense passion for the blockchain and crypto industry. A fusion of his expertise and passion led to the dawn of Optimisus in 2020.