Apple Addresses Overheating Concerns in iPhone 15

Apple Acknowledges iPhone 15 Overheating Problems

Apple has acknowledged that some new iPhones may run warmer than expected in the first few days after setting up or restoring the device.

In a statement released on Saturday, Apple said that the increased heat is due to background activity, such as downloading and installing apps, restoring data from a backup, and indexing content.

The company also said that it has identified a few issues in the iOS 17 software that can cause iPhones to run warmer and that it will release a fix for these issues in an upcoming update.

Apple advised users that their iPhones should cool down after a few days and that they can help the process by:

  • Keeping their iPhone in a cool environment
  • Avoiding using the iPhone while it is charging
  • Closing unused apps
  • Restarting the iPhone

If users’ iPhones continue to run hot after a few days, Apple recommends that they contact the company for support.


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