Polygon’s Seaport platform provides feature-reach

Polygon's Seaport platform provides feature-reach

According to a recent announcement, the transition from OpenSea to Polygon’s Seaport brings a slew of “cool new features.”

Polygon launched Seaport in June, a brand new, open-source Web3 marketplace protocol that allows for the safe and efficient purchase and sale of NFTs.

The Web3 community, which was initially launched on Ethereum, has aided by providing a more feature-rich experience at a noticeably lower cost.

The first feature enabled by the shift is the removal of purchase thresholds. Users can now list and buy Polygon NFTs at any price, as the $5 minimum has been reduced thanks to Seaport.

The new minimum for offers is $1, with the goal of preventing low-intent offers. MATIC will also allow buyers and sellers to list and transact.

With the new collection offers feature, collections with fewer than 100,000 items will now have offers available on every item in the set.

In addition to the collection offers feature, if the creator enables the functionality in their collection, all offers for items in collections that match certain attributes will become available.

Fees can now be split on Seaport thanks to the addition of multiple creator fees. As a result, creators can specify multiple +payout addresses to be “paid out in real-time.” This functionality, however, only allows for a maximum of four creators.


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