Despite poor market conditions, Ripple has been able to continue its hiring drive with a plethora of new job positions.

The new employee of Ripple will oversee the company’s websites as a design and marketing department member. This person will be in charge of directing technological choices and putting various plans into action.

The job description specifies that the applicant must have an in-depth understanding of web development. Additionally, he or she should possess “excellent leadership and communication skills” and be able to oversee a team of in-house front-end engineers.

In contrast to many other cryptocurrency businesses that have been compelled to reduce their workforces, Ripple said that it would be able to keep employing even during a protracted bear market.

Big-name companies like Coinbase, OpenSea, BlockFi, and others were compelled to The business already has a ton of job vacancies advertised from earlier this month, including one for a lead digital designer.

The business maintains offices in Toronto, Singapore, New York, San Francisco, and other significant cities.

Ripple announced earlier this year that it would hire up to 50 engineers for its freshly established headquarters in Canada. Ripple was named one of America’s fastest-growing startups in August.

However, because of domestic legal disputes, the corporation primarily focuses on growing its operations abroad.