Solana Foundation RPC shuts down unexpectedly


Due to a bug in the Solana Validator client’s test release 1.14, the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) endpoints used by crypto apps and wallets to access the Solana blockchain are temporarily offline.

However, block production has not been affected, unlike previous outages which caused a freeze in block production for several hours.

There are private RPC services such as Triton, QuickNode, and Alchemy that are still up and running and can be utilized.

Austin Federa, the head of strategy and communications at the Solana Foundation, reported that the issue only applies to the RPC endpoints run by the Solana Foundation, and that many private providers are still functioning properly.


Roland is a Public Relations & Communications guru with an immense passion for the blockchain and crypto industry. A fusion of his expertise and passion led to the dawn of Optimisus in 2020.