Spanish Rehabilitation Center Expands Services to Include Crypto Trading Addiction

Spanish Rehab Center Joins the Fight Against Crypto Trading Addiction, Offers Help to Affected Individuals. Source: Healthpoint

A rehabilitation center called “The Balance” located in Spain, London and Zurich has started offering services aimed at treating crypto trading addiction.

The center, which has long treated addictions such as alcohol, drugs and behavioral health, recently started offering services to help individuals overcome their crypto trading addiction, according to a report from the BBC.

The treatment involves a four-week stay that involves therapy, massages and yoga, with a bill upwards of $75,000.

Other rehabilitation centers, such as Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland and Diamond Rehabilitation in Thailand, have also started offering cryptocurrency addiction rehab and treatment services.

Family Addiction Specialist estimates that 1% of cryptocurrency traders will develop a severe pathological addiction and 10% will experience other problems.

Symptoms of this addiction include constantly checking crypto prices, especially in the middle of the night.


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